5 Strategies To Keep Your List Engaged After They’ve Subscribed!

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How to keep your list engaged after they subscribe

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and engage with your customers. And, one of the best return on investment for marketing dollars. The average ROI on email marketing is 40-to-1. So for every dollar you invest, you get back $40 in business.

However, it is not enough simply to have an email list and send out an occasional message. You need to find ways to engage the people on your list and keep them interested if you want to convert them into paying customers, otherwise they simply unsubscribe or ignore your future emails.

Here are 5 Foolproof ways to start with…

Put Value First

It’s perfectly acceptable to include a call to action in your emails, but the bulk of your message should be focused on your customer – not you or your company!

Draw Them In With Your Subject Line

If they don’t open it, they won’t read it. We suggest asking a question, or make a bold statement to attract attention and get it opened. Keep it short as well — under about 60 characters, so they can read the entire subject line without opening the email.

Use Interesting Images – with Caution

One of the best ways to make your newsletter readable is to use compelling and relative images to break up the text. A good guideline to use is to have 70% text and 30% images! Keep in mind that too many images can hurt your deliverability, especially if you’re cold emailing someone. Ensure the images don’t exceed 600 pixels in width, so they fit on the screen of most common smartphones.

Use Smart Design Elements

The design of your email can be just as important as the content. Don’t expect that a plain text email with no formatting is going to draw people in. You want to compel your visitors to actually read it!

Segment Your List

It’s a good practice to segment your list. For example, an apparel store might send out separate newsletters for women’s and men’s clothing, or for accessories. The idea here is to ensure the people who receive each email are those who have a genuine interest in its content.

Having an email list is important, but the key to using it successfully is to find ways to actively engage your readers.

As long as you stay away from overt sales pitches and give them an email that’s relevant, easy to read, and compelling to look at, you will be able to keep your customers interested.

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